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Dear Parents,

It is very important that your child practice some type of math every night at home. In grades 1 and 2, students need to practice their addition and subtraction facts and in grades 3 thru 6, students need to practice their multiplication facts. Children should be able to state the facts with automaticity. The Standards in Math are very rigorous and children who don't know their multiplication facts find it difficult to do mathematics above addition and subtraction. Listed below you will find many mathematics web sites that will help your child become better in math, but also provide some fun practicing and reviewing skills they may have already learned.

The first one listed is the link to our new math series, California Math, that is published by Houghton Mifflin. This website provides many games and activities that correlate with the current chapter that your child is studying in mathematics. It is very easy to navigate just follow the prompts.

Listed below you will find the UNRAAVEL strategy that we are teaching students to use when working with word problems. It is very easy to follow and it is something that parents could use with their children at home.


Underline the question

Now predict what you think you need to do to solve the problem

Read the word problem

Are the important numbers/words circled? (Especially the clue words?)

Apply the steps you choose to solve the problem

Verify your answer (Is it reasonable? Does it make sense?)

Eliminate wrong answers

Let the answer stay or rework the problem

Math Forum

Brain Pop

Online Interventions

Math Facts


Math Flashcards

Math Fun at Home


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